5 Frequently Asked Questions about AUKEY's Latest Gaming Chair Collection

AUKEY Gaming Chair

Feeling curious about our GC-A01 and GC-A02 ergonomic gaming chairs? You are not alone!

After our latest gaming chair collection hit the market, our team at AUKEY has gotten all sorts of questions from fans and friends alike!

To help satiate your curiosity, we decided to compile some of the top questions that people have been asking us and answer them in this article so you can learn more about our chairs!

You ask, we answer!

What are gaming chairs for?

Many customers have asked us, “What exactly is a gaming chair?” and “Is it only suitable for gamers?”. So, we thought we would clarify this here once and for all!

Gaming chairs, as the name suggests, were designed, and created with gamers (who spend long hours sitting down) in mind.

However, it does not necessarily mean that it is only suitable for gamers. In fact, because of its comfort and support for long hours of sitting, it is also highly suitable for anyone who needs to spend long hours at their desk – be it office workers or students studying at home.

Are all gaming chairs the same?

Considering the many features, and materials used in a gaming chair, the short answer is no.

In AUKEY’s instance, our gaming chairs feature a body-hugging backrest, coupled with a whole suite of ergonomic features – from headrests, adjustable armrests, lumbar support, and more – to ensure head to leg support while seated.

Apart from ergonomic features, a lot of thought also went into ensuring that the chair can withstand wear and tear well. Some thoughtful details that standout includes:

  • Choice of durable PU leather with precision stitching to ensure easy day-to-day care
  • A heavy-duty wheelbase, which allows the user to recline the backrest all the way to 155° for a nap without toppling over
  • TUV certified class 4 gas-lift and a thickened steel frame to support up to 300 lb load capacity
  • Super smooth BIFMA-certified racing casters to allow uninterrupted gliding

Not to brag, but not many other ergonomic gaming chairs come with these many features at such an affordable price. Don’t just take our word for it! Do your research and you’ll likely come to the same conclusion.

Are AUKEY gaming chairs worth it?

If you asked us, it would be clear that $269 is a sweet deal to ensure that our backs are protected in the long term.

Compared to normal chairs, ergonomic chairs are a level above the rest when it comes to protecting our spine and back health. There have been plenty of studies that show that prolonged sitting is linked to musculoskeletal dysfunctions – that is lower back and spine issues.

Why? Because prolonged sitting (especially in bad postures) put significant amounts of stress on our muscles and spine.

Want to avoid chronic lower back, hip pain, and poor posture in the long run? The answer is clear – get an ergonomic chair to alleviate these problems.

Find that traditional ergonomic chairs are super expensive? Opt for AUKEY’s ergonomic gaming chairs that provide both ergonomic support and comfort for prolonged sitting instead! A worthwhile deal in our books!

Are AUKEY gaming chairs ergonomic?

Yes, yes, and yes! Our AUKEY gaming chairs were specially designed to be comfortable for long hours of gaming, hence the design incorporates plenty of ergonomic features to achieve that aim.

Here are a few simple ergonomic features in our chairs that come to mind:

  • Our gaming chairs have a body-hugging backrest that contours perfectly to the spinal shape when resting against the backrest, allowing them to be fully supported
  • There is a lumbar support cushion that supports the lower back, relieving the pressure on the lower body
  • There is an adjustable headrest pillow that supports the head and neck
  • Amongst many others…

Interested more about the ergonomics of our AUKEY gaming chair? Don’t forget to check out this article that breakdowns all the different features in our chairs!

Why are there holes in AUKEY’s gaming chair?

Nopes it is not an unfinished design. In fact, the holes in the backrest are part of a deliberate design to allow the user to user to secure the straps of the headrest so that the headrest is at the optimal ergonomic height for them.

At the same time, the holes at the back of the head area also help to facilitate airflow so that the user's back is well-ventilated and does not feel hot or stuffy when sitting for prolonged periods.

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