The Ergonomics of Our AUKEY Gaming Chair Explained

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Hands up if you’ve spent more than a few hours at your desk gaming away through the night! You’re not alone! In Singapore, the average gamer spends 1-3 hours weekly on their favourite games, while the avid gamers can spend up to 20+ hours per week.

While dedicating long hours to gaming is great for levelling up your stats in any game, it’s definitely not doing anything good for your body.

As avid gamers ourselves, after suffering from aching backs, and shoulders every so often after a gaming marathon, we decided to take things into our own hands – and build a gaming chair (or two) to rule them all!


Introducing our GC-A01 and GC-A02 Ergonomic Gaming Chairs

While on the lookout for ergonomic gaming chairs in Singapore, we noticed that many were incredibly pricey and out of our budgets.

That’s when we started to wonder if we could create an ergonomically designed gaming chair that would still fit the budget of most price-conscious gamers.

And that’s what we did! Love our affordable price tag? You’ll love it even more when you see all the features that come with each of our carefully designed chairs.


AUKEY Gaming Chairs: Designed With Gamers in Mind

As we were on the mission to create a gaming chair for ultimate comfort (with our comfort in mind!), a lot of thought went into the final design for these chairs.

Here’s a simple explanation of each of the carefully incorporated features and how they are designed with your gaming experience in mind:

Seat Height

Based on ergonomic design principles, the optimal seat height should be a height that allows the person sitting to be able to easily place their feet on the floor.

Why? A seat height that is too high can cause unnecessary pressure on the underside of the knees which cut off blood circulation to the lower extremities. Whereas a seat height that is too low places too much pressure on the bottom bones of your pelvis (which results in familiar butt pain).

To ensure that gamers can find their most comfortable seat height, both of AUKEY’s gaming chairs come with adjustable heights of up to 10 cm.

Seat Pan

The seat pan (where your butt and upper thighs rest) of the chair is essential to providing both support and comfort when sitting for long periods at a go.

This is why our AUKEY gaming chairs come with densely packed seat cushions that are contoured for even weight distribution and provide comfortable and quality support even for extended periods.

Backrest Lumbar Support

If you’re wondering what lumbar support is, it is essentially a feature in chair design that allows one to rest against the back of the chair without any gaps between the lumbar spine and the seat.

Why is this important? Without proper lumbar support, it is hard for our human body to maintain the correct posture. With longer sitting duration, our spine and muscles work super hard to support the proper curvature and alignment, that’s why we end up with those aching muscles.

That’s why it was the number one design feature we made sure to include in our AUKEY gaming chairs, so that even while we game, we can game in good posture and avoid unnecessary body aches.

Backrest Recline

Yet another feature to help support the spine position, we incorporated the backrest recline to help gamers take off weight from the upper body and reduce stress on our spine, and back muscles.

Research shows that a backward recline of about 135 degrees works best for a relaxing posture that minimizes the risk of back pain.

Our chairs accommodate up to 155 degrees of recline, so you can even take a power nap while you’re at it!


While the backrest lumbar support and backrest recline takes off pressure from the lower body, let’s not forget about the upper body too!

To help provide support for the upper body (namely the head and neck region), an appropriately positioned headrest is key. Not only does it provide a comfortable resting spot for the head, but it also helps to reduce tension in the shoulders and upper back muscles. 

Shape of Backrest

From the side view, the AUKEY gaming chair has a winged design that looks like it’s hugging the person sitting. While it gives off quite the commanding view, it was not an aesthetic choice, but rather an ergonomic design instead.

The winged, body-hugging design, together with the various ergonomic features work together to double and triple up on providing full body support from the neck, back to the hips!

Now you can play your games through the night without worrying about full-body aches the next day.

Swivel and BIFMA Certified Racing Casters

When gaming, you want to make sure everything that you need is within reach.

That is why we made sure to incorporate a full 360° swivel function for the chair so you can always rotate to get to whatever you need without having to move too much or too far.

If you’re anything like us and love to wheel around on our chairs, you’ll be glad to know that our heavy-duty BIFMA certified racing casters are sturdy enough to survive the constant wear and tear.


While inconspicuous, armrests are essential when it comes to alleviating tension in our upper body when we’re all focused on a game.

In between games, it provides support for our arms, allowing our shoulders to relax from all that intense action.

Don’t want it to get in the way during a game? You can rotate them out of the way and flip back when you need a break.

Get Your AUKEY Gaming Chair Today!

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