Gaming Chair: 7 Reasons Why You Need One Your Computer Setup

 Gaming Chair

Whether you are a gamer or not, you have probably heard about the popularity of gaming chairs over the past few years. If you have never thought much about it before because you thought, “It’s just a chair, how different can it be?”, then now’s the time to start thinking about it!

With the study or work from home situation looking to be part and parcel of the foreseeable future, many fellow Singaporeans have been trying to improve their computer setups at home for a more comfortable experience.

Still on the fence on whether you should get a gaming chair for your study or work setup at home? Our team at AUKEY has come up with 7 compelling reasons why you should make the change for good! Read on to learn more.


What’s a Gaming Chair?

For the non-gamer, a gaming chair is simply a specially designed chair that is meant to provide a comfortable experience for gamers (who tend to spend super long hours at their computers gaming).

Compared to normal office chairs, gaming chairs tend to have more ergonomic designs, with more support (like higher backrests) and adjustable features to cater to everyone’s sitting posture.


7 Reasons to Get a Gaming Chair Over a Normal Chair


Feel More Comfortable When You Work or Game

The first and most obvious reason to choose a gaming chair over a normal office chair. Whether you are a gamer or not, as long as you are required to spend extended hours at your desk (whether for study or work), you are familiar with the discomfort after sitting in the same spot for a prolonged time.

Compared to many normal chairs, gaming chairs usually come with super cushy padding all around (on the backrests, headrests arm rests and even the main seat) for ultimate comfort.

Our AUKEY gaming chairs, in particular, come with luxurious padding that makes sitting in the chair for long hours on end a super enjoyable experience – tested and proven by our AUKEY staff!


Maintain Better Posture Thanks to Ergonomic Design

Ever had a colleague or parent comment on your bad sitting posture? We get it. While we all know we should sit in a correct and upright posture, it is hard to maintain that over a long time.

That is where ergonomically designed chairs like gaming chairs come in handy! With proper ergonomic features in place designed specifically to help improve poor sitting posture and provide the right support, you will feel like the chair is a perfect “fit” for you.

Here are some ergonomic designs our AUKEY gaming chairs come equipped with:

  • Winged and body-hugging backrest
  • A reclining backrest (that is adjustable from 90° to 155° depending on your needs) which takes helps to reduce pressure on the back muscles and upper body
  • Backrest lumbar support that reduces stress on the spine and lower back
  • Adjustable seat heights to allow you to plant your feet firmly on the floor no matter what your height is
  • And many others


Reduce Neck, Back, and Shoulder Aches

Familiar with the aching sensations in the body after sitting down for extended periods of time for work or a gaming marathon?

That’s because when you are seated on a chair without proper support and cushioning for long hours, your body is forced to maintain an unnatural and uncomfortable state or condition – hence critical pressure points like your neck, back, and shoulder end up being overly strained.

This can be all avoided if you sit on an ergonomically designed chair like a gaming chair that provides all the right cushioning and support to these key areas.


Reduce Eye Strain

Staring at the computer screen for long hours on end can be taxing on the eyes. But what if your chair can help you alleviate some of that strain?

Here are some things you can try with the adjustable mechanisms on your gaming chair to help reduce eye strain:

  • Adjust chair height so that the top of the screen is level with your eyes and you don’t have to tilt your head or body forward
  • Adjust the head and backrest so you can comfortably rest on it to reduce the pressure on your nerves at the base of the skull


Improve Concentration

If you are not constantly having to adjust to a more comfortable sitting position or standing up to stretch your body because of aching shoulders and neck, you are likely able to be more focused on the task at hand.

Whether you need to concentrate on churning out a 100-slide PowerPoint for work or an all-night campaign with your friends on Minecraft, a gaming chair helps your mind focused by keeping your body comfortable all day and night.


Flexible Design to Suit Your Personal Preferences

Everyone has different builds and personal preferences, but many chairs are made in ONE inflexible design.

Gaming chairs however buck the trend by being super customizable in their design – allowing anyone to feel at home in a gaming chair.

Have long legs? Adjustable seat heights will take care of that. Like to recline far backward while you work? That’s not an issue with a flexible range of backrest recline adjustments. Can’t decide if you like arm rests or not? That’s not an issue with armrests that can flip up.


Strong and Durable for Longer Lasting Use

Unlike your ubiquitous office chair, gaming chairs are meant to withstand the wear and tear of heavy users like gamers – who practically live at their desktops.

Don’t want to change your desk chair every year? Go with a strong and durable gaming chair instead.

Our AUKEY gaming chairs are constructed out of premium and long-lasting materials for your day-to-day usage:

  • Durable PU leather with precision stitching
  • Sturdy steel frame that can support a 300 lb load
  • Heavy-duty 5-point steel wheelbase
  • Dense seat cushion foam


Get Your Very Own Gaming Chair Today

Convinced that a gaming chair is the way forward? Don’t forget to check out our pocket-friendly range of ergonomic gaming chairs and choose your new chair for 2022!