Your Guide to a Strong Powerbank– On Flight and Off


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Used to taking the risk of running on low battery while hanging outside? Maybe you were once put-off from powerbanks because of how heavy and bulky they were. Fortunately for us all, tech is fast-evolving. Say goodbye to chunky, slow-charging gadgets taking up space (and weight!) in your sling bags or carry-on luggages. Today, the modern day powerbank has transformed into a sleek and lightweight device for everyday use.

Whether it’s for a hiking trip or a long plane flight  with potentially no charging outlets on board – there’s a suitable powerbank for any occasion. 

Good Qualities in a Powerbank: 

Admittedly, many of us aren’t sure what to settle for when buying a new powerbank. We just have a rough gauge of what we want, like a slim design or high battery capacity. However, given the latest updates to new models, there’s so much more a powerbank has to offer. 

Apart from being easy to carry and having long-lasting charge, keep an eye out for other useful traits, as described below. 

Safe Protection

Other than ensuring your powerbank adheres to flight regulations, check that your powerbank is equipped with the technology to prevent overheating, overcharging and excessive current. This keeps both you and your device from harm. That’s why investing in a high quality powerbank is always worth your dollar.

Better safe than sorry! 

Multiple Ports

powerbank multiple ports

If you’re someone who often carries multiple devices, you should choose a powerbank with ideally three ports, like this broad compatibility, ultra thin powerbank, the PB-N73 / PB-N73S 10,000mAh 12W / 18W Ultra Thin Portable Charger 3-Port USB-C PD Fast Charge, which has 1x USB-C and 2x USB-A outputs. 

Now you can conveniently charge numerous devices at one go, like your iPad, iPhone, and your girlfriend’s Samsung Galaxy. 

Wireless Charging

powerbank wireless charging

Say adieu to long and fussy cables, wireless charging has entered the chat. Now you don’t have to ask your friends to lend you a cable for your portable whenever you forget to bring one out. 

The PB-WL03 20,000mAh 22.5W Wireless Powerbank PD (Supports Huawei SCP Fast Charge) comes with a flip-out stand so you can freely charge your Qi-compatible phone while watching a show, anywhere at any time. It also comes with two outlets, a USB-C and USB-A, the latter of which can support Huawei devices. 

 For a cheaper and similar alternative, opt for the PB-WL02 10,000mAh 20W Wireless Charging Power Delivery Powerbank With Kick Stand (although this one does not come with a Huawei-supported outlet).   

Fast Power Delivery

 powerbank fast power delivery

Regardless of how thin or lightweight a powerbank might be, it can still be a hassle waiting for it to finish powering up your phone so you can happily put it away. It sure is helpful when you find a good powerbank that can charge your phone to a satisfactory degree in under an hour’s wait. 

Thankfully, the PB-Y39 15,000mAh 20W Fast Charge PD Powerbank not only charges your device up to four times faster than conventional charging, but also offers a special low-current mode to smaller devices such as airpods and fitness trackers. 

Quick Recharge

powerbank quick recharge

Many powerbanks take a few good hours to recharge before all bars are filled for use again. Let’s say you have a tight outdoor schedule and foresee yourself relying on your powerbank often. In such a scenario, getting a reliable powerbank with speedy recharge saves you a lot of time. 

Wait no longer with this PB-Y37 20,000mAh 65W PD Powerbank Fast Charge, which recharges in two hours, delivers fast charge to your devices, and also possesses high battery capacity for long periods outdoors. It also provides charging to different gadgets, from your iPhone and Macbook to your Nintendo Switch. 

A powerbank for every device 

It doesn’t matter if you’re using a Huawei, Xiaomi or Apple. Powerbanks are not only more convenient to use, but also universal in function. Get them today from AUKEY while they’re still on sale! And if you’re thinking about your budget, you can always pay sustainably in monthly installments via Grab or pace