Wireless Earbuds: 6 Factors You Should Consider Before Investing in Your Next Pair


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Compared to the first-generation wireless earbuds which first graced the market as an innovative Kickstarter product back in 2014, wireless earbuds have come a long way since.

With the rapid improvement of Bluetooth technology, increased affordability, and most importantly, the freedom from dangling wires, it is little wonder that they have much more mass-market appeal than before. Now almost every audio manufacturer is offering some form of wireless earbuds option. But how should consumers like yourself decide if between the overwhelming variety of choices out there?

Not to worry, our helpful team at AUKEY has put together a simple checklist of 6 factors that you should consider before purchasing your next pair!


Factors You Should Consider When Buying Wireless Earbuds

Audio Quality

First and foremost, the most important aspect of a pair of wireless earbuds is the audio quality that it provides – after all, you bought it so you can have a better audio experience.

Buying your wireless earbuds online and can’t test them out in person? Here’s how to check if the earbuds will deliver great audio quality – check the codec (compression technology that encodes and decodes audio signals) that the earbuds support.

Basic models of wireless earpieces tend to only support SBC codec – one that is limited in transmission speeds and does not support high-resolution audio.

If you’re fussed about your sound quality, make sure to ensure that your choice of earphones supports codecs like A2DP, aptX, or AAC (best for Apple users) for higher-resolution music.


Battery Life

Unlike wired earpieces which are powered by the devices, wireless earpieces require a separate battery given that it’s not connected to the devices for a wire-free experience.

Don’t want your earbuds to go flat in the middle of an important call or while you are enjoying your music on a run? Make sure to look out for wireless earpieces that come with longer battery life.

Nowadays, more manufacturers are also incorporating charging capabilities into the carrying case as well to help provide easy and accessible charging while on the go. So, make sure to look out for those to help extend your playback time!



Depending on your needs, you might want to be on the lookout for some extra features that might help extend the lifespan of your wireless earpieces.

For instance, if you are planning to wear it for high-intensity exercises, try to look out for water resistance features to ensure it can withstand perspiration without damaging the functionality.


Easy and Intuitive Controls

Prefer to control your audio directly via wireless earphones without the hassle of going through your device?

Well, then you must make sure to look out for models that come with easy and intuitive controls for you to complete tasks like changing volume, skipping a track, accepting calls, and even accessing a voice assistant.


Clear Calls & Stable Connection

One of the biggest issues with basic models of wireless earphones is that they use blue quality Bluetooth chips that perform poorly on audio transmissions – where users will experience delays, lags, and even unstable connections in crowded places.

If you value the importance of being able to make clear calls even in busy or windy areas, and not having to fuss over the on and off connection, then you absolutely must look out for earphones that come with a good quality Bluetooth chip – such as the Bluetooth 5.0 chip.


Charging Case

The charging case is almost as important as your wireless earbuds because it not only houses them (to prevent you from losing one or the other) but also helps to extend the playback time as it charges on the go.

Being small, compact, and portable is key since you probably want to bring it everywhere you go!


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  • Comes with IPX5 water resistance and splashproof features that allow you to take your earbuds for the most intense workouts or even weather through the rain.
  • Allows you to use each earpiece alone as a hands-free kit
  • Comes with easy and intuitive touch control on both earbuds so you never need to reach out for your phone when on the go.
  • And most importantly of all, an 18 months worry-free warranty – so you know it is a quality product.

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