Why A Mini Projector is A Great Investment for Your Home?

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Imagine this: Watching the latest Champions League match, Disney + movie, or Korean drama in full glory projected on your air-conditioned living room wall while you and your friends chill in the comfort of your home.

If that sounds like something you enjoy, it’s time to take your home entertainment to the next level by investing in a mini projector.

Not convinced? Here are some compelling reasons why you should take the plunge!

6 Reasons to Invest in A Mini Projector for Your Home

Compact & Portable

Before you think of projectors from school and the office that needs to be installed in the ceilings and have a dedicated projector screen and all, stop! That’s not the kind of projector we’re talking about.

Mini projectors, the next generation of projection technology, are exactly what their name suggests, conveniently small and portable! This allows you to easily move them around whenever you need them, and to stow them away hidden from sight when not in use.

At just 1.1kg (lighter than most laptops and TV monitors), the AUKEY RD-860 Mini Projector comes in a small, sleek, and modern frame that takes up hardly any footprint when in use. An ideal choice for minimalist households over a traditional bulky TV monitor!

Larger Screen Without a Cost of a Huge TV

Prefer enjoying your movies on a large display like in the theatres? Unfortunately, it’s hard to replicate that experience at home without a massive TV display around, and that too will break the bank costing you a few thousands of dollars for a basic 80-inch model.

That’s where a projector comes into play! Even with mini projectors these days, you can expect larger-than-life projections ranging from 50 inches up to a massive 120 inches (a full 3-metre wall)!

Better for Eye Health

With kids and adults alike spending hours glued to screens, why not opt for a healthier option for your home entertainment system?

Compared to conventional TV screens which emit harmful blue light, projectors present a much healthier alternative thanks to indirect lighting. Not only does it significantly reduce the amount of blue light that is absorbed by your eyes, but it is also less harsh and reduces eyestrain over prolonged viewing.

That’s not all too! With a much larger display, there is no need for the eye to strain while viewing details and small subtitles. All in all, providing a much more comfortable viewing experience.

Versatile Functionality

Compared to a simple TV monitor, there are so many exciting ways you can utilize a mini projector for your household apart from mere entertainment value.

Compatible with a wide range of devices thanks to its extensive interface connections, you can easily hook up any imaginable device to your mini projector for a massive display – whether it is for gaming, studying or storytelling session at home.

Don’t forget to check out our article “8 Creative Ways to Use Your Mini Projector at Home or On the Go” for more ideas to maximize the functionality of the AUKEY RD-860 Mini Projector.

Fuss-Free Setup (Just Plug & Play)

Worried that projectors are difficult to set up? Not to worry, it’s a literal plug-and-play situation, with absolutely no installation required.

What’s more, with the RD-860 built-in smartphone screen feature, you can even conveniently enjoy shows, games, and photos on the big display without the hassle of any wires, directly from your mobile.

Supports both iOS and Android devices.

Great Value for Money

Thanks to the evolution of technology, great projectors for home entertainment do not have to cost an arm and a leg like in the past!

With the AUKEY RD-860, now Singaporean households can all afford a quality mini projector with amazing features all for under $200. For the small price of 5 trips to the cinema for a family of four, you can now enjoy a cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home!

Now what kind of TV monitor can you expect to get for that budget? Trust us when we say there’s nothing worthy of comparison.

Get A Mini Projector for Your Home Today!

Convinced that a mini projector would be a great addition to your home entertainment system?

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