USB-C (Type C Charger) Explained: Why You Should Get One Now?

 usb type c charger

Find it confusing why there are so many different types of USB cables and connections out in the market? Wondering why a simple term USB can mean anything from USB-A, USB-B, USB-C, mini-USB to micro-USB and more? You are not alone.

In this article, we focus on the main type of USB connector you really need to know about – the USB-C.

The Latest USB Model: The USB-C a.k.a Type C Connector

Introducing the USB-C, the latest connector to be introduced to the consumer electronics industry and widely adopted by many electronic manufacturers. 

Compared to its predecessors, it has a significantly smaller and thinner cable head, adapting to the slimmer and thinner profiles that electronic gadgets these days are adopting.

 usb c charger macbook nintendo switch 

Over the years, with improvements in data transfer and power delivery technology, the hardware of USB connectors has also evolved from their earlier iteration the USB-A to its latest version, the USB-C – meant to eventually replace all other USB types that came before it.

Our take? The future where all electronics will have a USB-C connector is imminent! So, make sure you get your very own USB-C charger before all other chargers become obsolete for your devices. 

Benefits of USB-C Compared to Other USB Connectors

  • Easier to Use – The USB-C comes with a reversible connector so that it’s intuitive to just plug and play regardless of orientation. Unlike the other USB connectors where you need to look for the right side up to ensure it works properly.
  • Universal Compatibility – Designed to work across all kinds of electronic devices from smartphones, laptops, cameras, tablets, and even different operating systems, the USB-C is a game-changer. Bid goodbye to days of hoarding multiple chargers and charging cables, as you’ll need just one!
  • Better Performance Overall – The point of a new type of USB is enhanced performance and the USB-C does not disappoint. With faster data transfer speeds up to 10Gbps, and higher power delivery up to 100 W, so you can charge even the most power-hungry of devices, it is no wonder manufacturers are excited to adopt this new improved standard for their devices.

Get Your USB-C Type C Charger Today!

With many devices increasingly equipped with USB-C ports, it is time to make the switch over to USB-C type chargers today and start reaping those benefits today!

At AUKEY, we have a wide range of wall chargers that are perfectly compatible with Type C cables.

The PA-R1A (Supports Samsung Fast Charging)

Looking for a super-fast charger for your Galaxy phones? How does 0 to 55% in just half an hour sound? Thanks to the USB-C 25W Power Delivery feature, the PA-R1A is the go-to charger for quick charges for any device under 25W.

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The PA-F3S (Comes with Dual USB-C and USB-A port)

Can’t entirely give up on your devices still stuck with the older USB connectors? No worries, the PA-F3S has got your back – with both a 20 W Power Delivery USB-C port and a 12 W USB-A port.

Now you can simultaneously charge up to two devices at any one time!

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The PA-B4 (Dual-Port 65W With GaNFast Tech)

Ever thought that a small portable USB wall charger could provide enough power to charge even a power-hungry laptop? Now you can with the superior PA-B4.

Powered by Gallium Nitride (GaN) chips as opposed to the industry standard of Silicon, it offers incredible power charging with a tiny footprint – charging your devices 3 times faster while being half the size.

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