Wireless Charging: Which iPhones Can Now Charge Wirelessly?

iPhone Wireless Charging Power Bank

If you were excited about the idea of wireless charging when it was introduced in the most recent iPhone collections, you are not the only one! Our team of power bank experts at AUKEY who have been used to wired charging technology for the longest time were incredibly thrilled too – particularly because we were equally excited to launch our very own range of wireless charging devices and power banks too.


What is Wireless Charging?

Here’s a quick physics lesson on the principle of electromagnetic induction:

  1. The laws of physics tell us that whenever we run an electric current through a wire, there will be a magnetic field that will be created around the wire.
  2. Similarly, if there is a magnetic field around a wire, an electric current will be generated within the wire.
  3. Wireless charging works on this simple idea, where the current running through coils of wires within the wireless charging device generates a magnetic field that is strong enough to generate a secondary electric current within the device that needs to be charged. This current is supplied to the battery and charges up the device accordingly.

With that, you are seemingly transferring electricity without the need for connective wires.


Qi and MagSafe

These are terms that you will find yourself coming across when you are looking at devices that are used for or compatible with wireless charging technology. Here’re what they mean:

Qi – It is the name of a specific standard for wireless charging technology. There are a few different standards available, but Qi is now the most adopted standard by large phone companies like Apple, Samsung, and Google amongst many others.

MagSafe – This is the magnetic technology (involving rings of magnets) that Apple uses to enable MagSafe compatible accessories to snap into place securely with the iPhone. Allows for the device to be aligned properly for uninterrupted wireless charging amongst many other purposes.


What iPhones and Other Apple Products Can Be Charged Wirelessly?

3 main Apple product categories that are compatible with wireless charging include:


Models iPhone 8 and later are compatible with any Qi-certified chargers. This means that you do not require an Apple charger, just a Qi-certified one by any other manufacturer to charge your iPhones wirelessly.

Do note though that only the iPhone 12 and later have MagSafe features.


AirPods Wireless Charging Case

Similarly, the AirPods Wireless Charging Case can be charged by any Qi-certified chargers.


Apple Watch

Currently, all models of the Apple Watch are only able to be wirelessly charged by Apple’s proprietary magnetic charging dock.


Looking For a MagSafe Compatible Charger That Won’t Break the Bank?

Keen to adopt wireless charging for your Apple devices but don’t want to spend so much on an Apple wireless charger? Our AUKEY LC-A1 charger is perfect for you:

  • MagSafe Compatible – Enabling fast wireless charging up to 15W compared to other Qi charging devices
  • Simple to use – simply place it on top of the charger without fussing with wires
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