Is Using a Wall Charger or a Power Bank Better For You? Read This Before You Decide...

When it comes to charging your devices, you have two main options: A wall charger, or a power bank. 

A power bank is a spare portable battery that you can carry around with you in case your phone runs out of battery. On the other hand, a wall charger requires you to plug it into an outlet for charging. 

Both devices can be used to charge your phones, laptops, or digital cameras. However, which one should you pick?

Here are some factors to consider before choosing the right charging method! 


There are different power outputs for different wall chargers, usually rated in watts (W). 

Single-port wall chargers are usually about 20-30W, but multi-port types can be between 60-100W.

If you are looking for a wall charger that can simultaneously charge two devices and has a high power output, consider the AUKEY PA-F3S 32W Swift Series PD Dual USB-C & USB-A Wall Charger.

It is equipped with a 20W Power Delivery 3.0 port and a 12W USB port and supports simultaneous charging for two devices.

As for power banks, there is something called mAh, which stands for Milliamp Hours. It is based on how long a battery will last when power is drawn constantly. For example, a 20000 mAh battery will power a device drawing 1000 mAh for 200 hours.

We recommend getting the Aukey PB-N74S 20000MAH Basix Plus 22.5W Powerbank Portable Charger as it has a large capacity of 20000 mAh. 

Not only can you charge your iPad or iPhone, you can also charge small gadgets like wireless earbuds, fitness bands, and smartwatches. 

With its 20000mAh Massive Capacity, you can charge your phone for 4.5 charges for an iPhone 12!

Charging Speed 

When it comes to charging speed, a wall charger is faster compared to a power bank. 

We recommend you get the AUKEY A-R1A Minima PD 25W Nano Wall Charger, as its 25W USB-C Fast Charging Power Delivery 3.0 with PPS enables fast charging for most devices. 


Imagine carrying a ton of books and documents in your bag, you would want to have something compact and portable. In this case, using a power bank is more suitable as it is typically more lightweight than a wall charger.

We recommend getting the AUKEY PB-N83 Mini USB C Portable Charger Black 10000mAh as it has a high-speed charging function and supports up to 20W PD. You can charge an iPhone 12 to over 50% in just 30 minutes. There is also a dual charging function that offers USB-C at one end and USB-A at the other. This means that you can kill two birds with one stone and charge two devices if you have to! 

However, some wall chargers are more portable than others because of their compact design. If you are looking for a sleek and compact wall charger, use the AUKEY PA-F3S 32W Swift Series PD Dual USB-C & USB-A Wall Charger.

Its extremely small form factor ensures maximum portability wherever you go. 


This is an important factor as well, especially for those who are still schooling. When it comes to pricing, a wall charger is more affordable than a power bank. 


Ultimately, there is no right or wrong as long as it suits your lifestyle and preferences for charging your devices.