3-In-1 Wireless Charger: A Must Have For All Apple Fans!

Wireless charging Apple iPhone Airpods Watch 

Are you an Apple fan (or know someone) with too many devices in your collection to keep them all juiced up for use? Have too many devices but not enough power outlets for charging? If so, here’s a 3-in-1 wireless charger that is perfect for your needs.  

Here at AUKEY, we have colleagues who are hard-core Apple fanatics – the latest iPhone 13 Pro, Air Pods, Apple Watch, or iPad you name it they got it! And if they say that this device is a lifesaver for helping them keep their devices charged all the time, then it must be true!

Introducing the life-changing LC-A3 3 in 1 AirCore Wireless Charging Station Stand Charging Dock – an essential addition to any Apple fan’s (or multi-device user’s) collection.

Wondering what’s the fuss about a wireless charger? Here are some features of the LC-A3 that might blow you away:


Charge Up to 3 Apple Devices at a Go

Find it a hassle to charge your iPhone, Air Pods, apple watch or iPad one after another just to find one running out of battery before the last device gets its full charge?

Well, that’s a problem no more! With the LC-A3 3 in 1 AirCore Wireless Charging Station Stand Charging Dock, you can now charge up to 3 devices simultaneously, so they are all ready for use at the same time.

Not an Apple fan but have the same problem of fussing with the charging of multiple devices? Not a problem. This nifty charging stand works well with any Qi-compatible smartphones and wireless charging earbuds as well.


Say Goodbye to Missing Wires

Ever used a multi-port wall charger for your multi-device charging needs? Then you will know the biggest issue is finding enough charging wires for all the devices.

If you are anything like our forgetful self, always misplacing our charging wires and can’t find them when they are most required, then this wireless charging stand is your saviour.

Utilizing Qi wireless fast charging technology, all you simply need to do is to place your Qi-compatible devices on the stand to start charging away – no Lightning cables or USB-C cables required at all!


Fast Charging & Over Charging Protection

Don’t want to wait for ages for the devices to charge? Then you’ll love that this charging stand and dock comes with a fast-charging 10W wireless charging stand for Qi-compatible mobile devices, a 5W wireless charging pad for smaller devices for Air Pods, or other wireless earphones, and a dedicated charging dock for Apple Watches.

And that’s not all! For the multi-taskers who don’t want to stop watching videos while charging, know that the stand allows you to rest your device in both landscape and portrait orientation while charging – so you can continue enjoying your show hands-free.

Lastly, and most importantly, it also makes sure to charge your devices safely – with an in-built feature that ensures your devices will not overcharge or be overheated.


A Conveniently Portable Size

Want to keep this useful charging stand near you all the time? Its conveniently portable size makes it possible. Without all the hassle with tangling wires, just slip this sleek 270g charging dock into your bag and bring it wherever you go!

When in need, just plug into a single nearest power outlet and start charging your multiple devices.


Sleek Design

Last but not least, this charging dock has been designed with the minimalist aesthetic that Apple fans love, matching the devices that it charges.

Want a sleek modern charging station that does not look out of place in any interior space? This is the one for you.