How to Decide if You Should Get a Wired or Wireless Power Bank

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A power bank is a portable charger designed to recharge your electronic devices when you're on the move.

Ranging in size from slim, pocket-sized devices up to larger, higher-capacity power banks – they can be used to charge smartphones, tablets etc. 

What's the Difference Between Wired and Wireless Power Banks? 

Wired Power Banks

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Wired charging is the most common type of charging.

In wired charging, a cable plugs into the device being charged and transfers power from there.

The type of cable you need depends on the device you’re charging.

For example, most Android devices use a USB C and micro-USB cable, while iPhones use a Lightning cable.

Wireless Power Banks

aukey wireless power bank

Wireless charging is a new technology that uses magnetic fields to transfer power between a device and a power bank.

The most common type of wireless charging is known as inductive charging.

In inductive charging, the power transmitter and receiver are built into the same unit, which is usually attached to or placed near the device being charged.

Chargers that use inductive charging send out a magnetic field that creates a current in the receiving device.

This current is what charges the battery or powers the device.

Wireless power banks come in many shapes and sizes, but all of them work using this principle.

How to Decide if You Should Get a Wired or Wireless Power Bank

Portability - Wireless

The most significant advantage of wireless power banks is that it cuts the cord.

There's no more output port, so no cable is needed. 

This makes it a lot more convenient to bring your power bank around without having to worry about whether you brought along a cable too. 

Mobility - Wireless

aukey wireless power bank

Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of wired power banks is that they limit your movement, as there's a cable that's constantly interfering with your movement. 

This means that it's more tricky to use your phone while it's being charged by a wired power bank. 

Price - Wired

Wireless chargers are typically more expensive than wired chargers.

The price difference is usually huge - wireless chargers can cost up to twice or more as much as wired chargers.

Ability to Charge Multiple Devices Simultaneously - Wired

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A wireless power bank can usually only charge one device at a time due to possible interference from other devices. 

However, a wired power bank can charge multiple devices simultaneously depending on the number of ports it has.

There are some exceptions where a wireless power bank can charge multiple devices simultaneously, but usually only up to three devices. 

Compatability - Wired

aukey wired power bank

Needless to say, if your device doesn't support wireless charging, there's no point in getting a wireless power bank. 

Most wired power banks are compatible with various device types, although the USB cable used will vary. 

Durability - Wireless

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Wired power banks require a USB cable that is prone to wear and tear with use.

You may have to find yourself replacing your USB cable every six months or so (unless you get a wired power bank with a braided cable).

Wireless power banks are more durable in that sense since they don't require a USB cable to charge your device. 

Reliability/Safety - It Depends

One of the benefits of wired charging is that it’s more reliable because there’s no possibility of interference from other devices that could cause your battery to stop charging.

However, wireless power banks are becoming increasingly more reliable as technology improves.

Additionally, some wireless power banks come with safety features that prevent your device from overheating or overcharging.

Efficiency/Charge Time - Wired

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Wired charging is unambiguously more efficient and faster than wireless charging technology.

Wireless charging on an average takes twice the time taken by wired charging for one complete recharge of the device.

This is because the current is more stable when passed through a cable.

Where Can I Get Wired and Wireless Power Banks From?

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