The Best Power Bank For You? A Must-Read Guide Making Your Purchase!

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Feeling overwhelmed in your search for the best power bank out there? Can’t decide which amongst the huge variety of different types of power banks in the market are most suitable for your needs?

To help first-time power banks buyers to navigate the confusing choices out there, our helpful team of power bank experts at AUKEY have come up with a simple guide of 5 key criteria (just 5!) that everyone should keep in mind.

Let’s get started!


The Capacity of The Power Bank

The first and most important question is to ask yourself, what exactly are you planning to charge with the power bank.

The reason is simple. Different electronic devices require more charge than others. For instance, the iPhone 13 has 3,227 mAh versus the iPhone 13 Pro Max which is 4,352 mAh, versus the 13” MacBook Pro which has a 5,086 mAh battery.

To charge up these devices to a full charge, your power bank needs to minimally have at least more than the device’s battery capacity.

If you plan on using your power bank to charge up the device more than one time, then your power bank needs to have however many times more the capacity of your device.

Here’s a simple example with our AUKEY PB-WL03 20,000 mAh power bank to show roughly how many times can it charge the abovementioned devices:

  • iPhone 13: ~ 5 times
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max: ~ 3- 4 times
  • 13” MacBook Pro: ~ 2- 3 times


The Power Output (Wattage)

The next important technical aspect to consider is to ensure that your choice of power bank has the required power (measure in watts) to charge your choice of device.

Different devices consume energy differently and hence may require different wattage:

  • Laptops – roughly require 29 -100 W (with laptops with higher specifications requiring more watts)
  • Tablets – roughly 18 – 30 W
  • Mobile Phones – roughly 18 – 27 W

Hence, if you are planning to use your power bank to charge smaller devices primarily, then a power bank like PB-WL03 with a maximum of 22.5W would be ideal. Alternatively, if you are planning to charge your laptop like the 13” Macbook Pro which requires 61W, then perhaps something like the PB-Y24 with up to 65W would be a better choice.

Tip: Avoid using power banks with insufficient power output as it could damage your device battery in the long run.


Portability (Size, Shape, and Weight)

The purpose of a power bank is so that you don’t have to lug along another heavy spare laptop battery or adaptor wherever you go, so portability is definitely important when considering your choice of a power bank.

Although you should be aware that typically power banks with larger capacities tend to be heavier, so it’s a trade-off you might need to make.

Many of our AUKEY power banks are designed with these considerations in mind, hence most of them tend to be pretty slim and lightweight so that they can fit easily into your bags and for some even your pockets!


Safety Features

Another important criterion to consider is the safety features. Poorly made power banks can not only cause your electronic devices to spoil but also could potentially be fire hazards when overcharged or overheated.

So, make sure you check that your choice of power bank has been certified for safety.

At AUKEY, we place great importance on the safety of our products. As such, all of our power banks come with built-in safeguards to ensure that our customers can use our power banks with peace of mind.


Technology Features

Now that we have covered most of the core criteria, the others are bonuses! Good to have, but not necessarily must-haves.

Many power banks now come with a plethora of features – which you may or may not need, so make sure the previous criteria are checked off before you consider if any of these extra features might come in handy:


Fast Charging

Don’t like how slowly some conventional power banks take to charge up your device? Then perhaps you should look out for power banks that provide fast-charging outputs.

Our AUKEY PB-WL03 has dual fast charging power delivery outputs which allow you to charge your iPhone 11 Pro halfway within just 30 quick minutes.


Wireless Charging

Don’t like dealing with wires while on the go? Then opt for wireless charging power banks instead like our PB-WL03.


Get Your Ideal Power Bank Today At AUKEY!

Hope this guide has come in handy to help you make a smarter decision about your choice of a power bank!

Still have any burning questions or queries when choosing between our various power bank products? Simply head over to our website and chat with our friendly team of experts!