Every Type C Charger You Could Possibly Need in 2022!

 usb c charger

USB Type C, also commonly known as USB-C, is increasingly becoming the de facto connector for newer electronic devices.

From mobile phones, and laptops to gaming consoles, more big brand manufacturers, like Samsung, Apple, and more are adopting the new USB Type C port for its quick data and power transfer speeds.

With more and more devices replacing the older USB-A technology, as consumers, you want to make sure that you are well-prepared – by having a USB-C compatible cable, adapter, or charger on hand! 

Looking to get your very first USB Type C Charger?

At AUKEY, we have a whole variety of type C compatible chargers to suit your every single need in 2022!

Samsung, Apple & Nintendo Switch Super-Fast Charging (25W)

Own a large variety of devices and always find yourself taking a long time to charge them up? Here’s the perfect solution for you – the PA-R1A Minima PD 25 Nano Wall Charger!

It features a power-packed 25W USB-C fast-charging power delivery 3.0 with PPS protocol – which means that it will allow you to charge up your devices at lightning-fast speeds.

  • A Samsung Galaxy S20 will take just half an hour to get you to 55%
  • An iPhone 12 will take the same short time to get to 59%

Note: Only chargers with PPS protocol are able to support Samsung Fast Charging, so this is definitely a great buy for Samsung diehard fans!

Dual Port: USB-C (20W) and USB-A Compatible (12W)

Don’t like the inconvenience of switching between different types of wall chargers to charge your different types of USB devices? The PA-F3S Swift Series PD Dual Wall Charger comes with both the newer USB-C and the older USB-A wall charger so you can stick with just one charger for all your devices going forward.

The USB-C port is equipped with 20W Power Delivery to deliver a fast charge for your devices, while the USB-A is equipped to deliver 12W charging simultaneously.

Now not only can you charge an incredibly wide range of devices thanks to its broad compatibility, but you can save on the time but charging them concurrently too!

Compact & Lightweight Design (20W)

Need a portable type C wall charger that you can bring with you on the go? Our PA-Y25 USB C Compact Wall Charger is easily the slimmest and sleekest wall charger we have in store!

Even at a slim 2.46 cm width and a light 59g, the PA-Y25 wall charger packs a punch when it comes to charging. Equipped with 20W Power Delivery, it allows you to charge your USB-C devices efficiently at super-fast speeds.

Additionally, like all AUKEY chargers, it also comes with the AUKEY EntireProtect feature which ensures that the chargers are able to fine-tune and adapt power output depending on the device to eliminate issues of overcharging!

Dual Port High Powered Charging (65W)

It is not an exaggeration to call the PA-B4 Omnia Duo Wall Charger with GaNFast Tech the ultimate type C wall charger!

Thanks to the amazing Gallium Nitride (GaN) chip used in the charger which delivers up to 3 times power density, and 40% less energy waste, compared to conventional silicon chips, this wall charger is perfect for its high-powered charging job.

Not only does it deliver an incredibly high power of 65W (good for even charging power-hungry laptops), but it is so much smaller and lighter in size compared to a standard high-powered charger.

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