Best Wireless Chargers for Your iPhone or Android in 2022

 iPhone wireless MagSafe charger

Don’t like the hassle of finding the correct charging cables or wires when it comes to charging your phone? Wireless chargers are here to the rescue!

Like the traditional kinds of phone chargers, wireless chargers come in all shapes and sizes too!

Wondering which wireless charger to get for your 2022 charging needs? Our team at AUKEY has shortlisted 3 of our most popular wireless chargers – catering to different needs – just for you!

Our Wireless Charger Recommendations:


The Basic Wireless Charger (With Award Winning Design)

The LC-Q6 10W Fast Wireless Charger is a basic fuss-free wireless charger that does exactly what it says – charge your Qi-enabled devices wirelessly.

No wires are needed. All you need to do to charge is to place your device (including older iPhone models like the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, to Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or S8) on the charging pad and watch it start charging magically!

Even as a basic model, it comes with a comprehensive suite of safety features (like temperature control to power output monitoring) as per all our AUKEY chargers, so you can charge your devices in peace.


The MagSafe Compatible Charger (Great for iPhones)

The LC-A1 Snap-On 15W Qi-compatible Fast Wireless Charging Wire (USB-C) is MagSafe compatible, meaning that Apple device owners get to experience the full benefit of their MagSafe device even with a non-Apple charger.

Apple fans will know that MagSafe is a recent magnetic technology introduced by Apple in their latest iPhones’ and Air Pods’ internal charging coils.

When in proximity with other MagSafe compatible accessories, it will allow the accessories (like chargers) to snap onto the iPhone seamlessly for perfect alignment with the charging device.

This results in two things: A faster and more secure charging experience.

Faster Experience: The perfect alignment between the device and the wireless charger allows for optimum charging speeds up to 15W, unlike other chargers which are up to 7.5W (non-MagSafe iPhone models) or 10W (for Samsung).

Secure Charging Experience: The magnetic attachments ensure that your device will not drop off the wireless charger by accident.


The 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Dock (Great for Multi-Taskers)

Say goodbye to the days of hunting for extra power points or extra charging cables to charge multiple devices!

The LC-A3 Aircore Series 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Station is the ultimate wireless charger that can charge not 1, but 3 devices simultaneously – all without wires.

It comes with 3 charging areas, including the main stand for phones, a smaller stand for your Apple Watch, or other Qi-enabled watch and wrist devices, as well as a dedicated flat charging area for another phone, Air Pods, or Qi-enabled earpieces.

The main charging stand works with all Qi-compatible devices, charging up to 10W, while the other extra charging areas are compatible with smartphones and other lower charging devices at 5W. 

The stand feature also comes in handy when you want to continue enjoying your dramas or YouTube shows while charging. Simply prop your smartphone in your preferred orientation and continue whatever you were doing.

Wondering how to keep track of the respective charging statuses of the 3 devices? There is a handy charging LED for each charging area to update you on the charging status – Green (Charging), Blue (Standby), Foreign Object Detection (Flashing Blue & Green).


Interested in More Wireless Charging Options?

Don’t see any that fit your needs? Head over to our Wireless Charger Collection on the AUKEY main site for more options.