Christmas gift Ideas that Won't Break Your Bank for Your Gift Exchange Sessions

Christmas is around the corner, and doing Christmas gift exchanges with your friends or colleagues is a popular activity during this season. 

Most of the time, there will be a budget set, and you will be challenged to pick a gift within the budget. If you picked someone you are familiar with, good for you! However, if you picked someone you are still getting to know better, here are some gift ideas below $30 that you can choose from. 

Aukey EP-T25/EP-T31 True Wireless Earbuds

Earbuds are essential for commuting to work early in the morning. Listening to your favourite tunes while taking public transport is a good way to start the day and can help to make us feel more energetic. 

The Aukey EP-T25/EP-T31 True Wireless Earbuds come in six colours and deliver high-fidelity sound. You can play music for up to 5 hours on a single charge. There is an extra 20 hours of use in the compact charging case that charges quickly over USB-C. The earbuds are also water resistant to resist perspiration. If your secret Santee is a fitness junkie, this is the perfect gift for them too!

AUKEY PA-R1A Minima PD 25W Nano Wall Charger

In Singapore, we are a fast-paced society; in a society like this, we need fast-paced gadgets to help us propel forward.

This AUKEY PA-R1A Minima PD 25W Nano Wall Charger helps to efficiently charge compatible devices faster at higher voltages and works on devices including iPhones, earbuds, Nintendo Switches, and more. 

The charger also has built-in safeguards that protect your devices against excessive current, overheating, and overcharging. 

Aukey PB-N73/PB-N73S/PB-N73C Ultra Thin Portable Charger 10000mAH 3-Port USB C PD 12W / 18W Fast Charge Power Bank

Hands up if we all know someone who always asks for a portable charger. That person could also be your secret Santee. For people like these, a portable charger will make the perfect and useful gift. 

This sleek and thin charger provides high-speed charging of up to 18 watts for your device. This means your phone will be charged up to 60% in half an hour! 

Aukey RONA KR-NL01 (2 pc) LED Motion Sensor Night Light

A night light will make a perfect and practical gift if you have friends or colleagues who bought a new house. 

The light has a sensitive motion sensor to capture motion in the dark and light up immediately. It is easy to install, with no wiring required, as you can stick it onto your wall with double-sided adhesive pads. You can also control the dimness of the light according 

Apart from the bedroom, they can use it in their living room, dining room, or even the staircase. 

AUKEY LS-02 Smartwatch Fitness Tracker IPX6 Waterproof

Most of the time, our New Year’s resolution would be to stay fit and healthy. It is time to help your friends by gifting them this fitness tracker. 

The AUKEY LS02 Smartwatch has 12 activity modes, including running, cycling, and mountain climbing. With the help of the AUKEY Fit App, you can synchronise data between your smartwatch and the app to receive calls and texts. 

With these gift ideas in mind, start shopping for your Secret Santa Christmas gift exchange without stressing about what to get them.