AUKEY Power Banks Strong Enough to Charge Even Your Laptops

 Power bank charging macbook and laptop

While there are plenty of power banks available on the market, not all are equal. As a leading authority on power banks, our experts at AUKEY can tell you that different types of power banks are suitable for charging different electronic devices depending on their power output, capacity, and compatible ports.


Power Banks with Features That Can Charge Laptops

On the lookout for power banks that have enough capability to charge large devices like laptops? Here are two key features that you need to take note of:


Power Output

Laptops, compared to most other portable electronic devices like our tablets and phones, consume a lot more energy – at around 30 – 70 watts/hour for the average model.

For this simple reason, you will need a power bank with a sufficiently high enough power output (more than 50W at the very least) to charge your power-hungry laptop.

When it comes to power output, the higher the better since it means the laptop can be charged more quickly.



The battery capacity of your power bank (shown in mAh or Wh) or “energy storage” is important because it indicates how many times you can charge the laptop.

Depending on the battery capacity of the laptop, you will need a power bank that has a rated battery capacity of at least twice that to ensure it can charge your laptop fully a minimum of two times before it runs out of juice.

Based on MacBook Pro 13 with a battery capacity of 5,820 mAh, which tells you how much energy it stores when charged to 100%, you will need at least 11,640 mAh (twice that of the battery capacity) for your power bank if you expect to charge your laptop twice!


AUKEY’S Recommendations for Power Banks That Can Charge a Laptop

Looking for a power bank that is strong enough to charge your laptop when you are working on the go? Our team at AUKEY scoured through our vast collection of portable power banks and found the TWO that fit the bill.

Read on to see which would be most suitable for your needs!


The PB-Y37 20,000mAh 65W Power Bank

At 65W and 20,000 mAh battery capacity, the PB-Y37 easily passes the criteria of a power bank that can charge a high processing laptop like the MacBook Pro 13.

With a 20,000 mAh battery capacity, it has more than enough juice to charge your MacBook Pro 13 thrice over and more to charge your iPhone and other devices. 

Bonus: It’s still within the limits for airplane restrictions so this is also travel-friendly!

Apart from its high-power output and battery capacity, there are many other amazing features to consider for your other needs:

  • Want to charge up your devices quickly? It comes with a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 port that can charge compatible devices four times faster than conventional chargers.
  • Want to charge low-current devices like fitness trackers or earpieces? It comes with a low current mode that is compatible with these devices.
  • Want to use it to charge different devices? It is compatible with a wide range of devices from your normal smartphones, tablets, Nintendo Switch, and more.


The PB-Y24 Ultra Sprint 26,800mAh 65W Power Bank

Offering everything the PB-Y37 offers and more, the PB-Y24 is easily one of the most powerful power banks out there in the market.

Packed with a powerful amount of 26,800 mAh of battery capacity at the same high 65W power output, the PB-Y24 can easily charge a MacBook Pro 13, not thrice but five times over.

In short, this is a MUST-HAVE for anyone who needs plenty of power on the go! If you don’t need that much backup power, then go with its more affordable counterpart the PB-Y37.