Are Mini Projectors a Good Purchase?

Mini Projector

Suddenly everyone owns a projector or at least that is what it seems based on the internet postings. You may be wondering if buying a projector is a good purchase. "I already have a television", you may say. Or, you may have crossed the bridge of asking if Mini Projectors are good purchases but are faced with a new question – which projector to buy. There are so many!  Do not fret, we got you covered.

This article would tell you if Mini Projectors are worth it and what to look out for when buying one!

Mini Projectors vs Televisions

Televisions are something that will not change their screen size by themselves according to the space you are in but Mini Projectors will! Once bought, you are stuck with that Television's size unless you buy a new one. There is no flexibility. Setting up a Television may also take time and effort. You would need to get someone to come and set up the Television. Oof! Just too much hassle.

Mini Projectors on the other hand are much more flexible and can easily be set up by you. You can choose and set the screen size according to your preference. Mini Projectors are more likely to give you a theatre-like feel compared to Television.

The best part is, that Mini Projectors are much more pocket friendly compared to Televisions! So yes, Projectors are a great purchase. These are just some of their benefits when compared to Television. The possibilities with a Mini Projector are endless.

So, now that we have established that Mini Projectors are a good purchase, which Projector to buy?

There are five things to look out for: Light Production & Brightness, Colour Scheme, Resolution and Contrast.

Light Production & Brightness

The first thing you should ask yourself when you decide to buy a projector should be how exactly you want to use it. Would it be indoors or outdoors? Would it be during the day or at night? These questions would help you narrow down to the display that is most apt for your use.

For a home theatre, the Projector would be located/placed in a dark place. For a dim setting/dark place where the display still can be seen clearly and precisely, you would need a projector greater than 2000 lumens; whereas, in locations with more ambient light, such environments require a model that allows for more than 3,000 lumens is best. An easy logic to remember this would be more light present = more lumens Projector.

Colour Scheme

Mini Projectors normally have the typical Red, Green, and Blue (sRGB) set as the default colour setting. However, this does not mean that all the Mini projectors have the same accuracy level of depiction for their displays. What may seem like a certain colour to you might be another colour to someone else. For example, Reds versus Oranges. That is why it is important to look for a Projector that promises true colour depiction.


You would be well sorted if you get a projector which has 1920 x 1080p resolution. This would mean that your display is full HD. You would just need to find a wall or a flat surface to display your content on and enjoy alone or with your loved ones.


This may not be a thing many consider but this is so important. With a higher contrast ratio, you would be able to see more details. What the character is wearing, graphs if you would like to use a projector for your meetings, emails or pictures and videos. It is thanks to contrast that we all can see the slightest differences (such as in colour shades).

In a dark room with little light, a contrast ratio of at least 1500:1 is considered part of the “good” tier. If your projector’s contrast ratio is 2000:1 or higher then your projector would come under the “excellent” tier.

Now that you are well equipped with the knowledge as to what to look out for when buying a projector, you may have a fear developing. "WHERE WOULD I FIND A PROJECTOR THAT MEETS ALL THESE REQUIREMENTS?!" Remember at the start of this article we said do not fret, we got you covered? Well, we fulfil our promises. We do have you covered!

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