7 Advantages of A Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming

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If you are a PC gamer, you may have heard of the term “gaming keyboard” or “mechanical keyboard” from your gaming circles thanks to an explosive boom in popularity thanks to Twitch and YouTube videos by gaming influencers.

Wondering what all the hype over a simple keyboard is about? Our gamer enthusiasts over at AUKEY have put together a list of reasons why you should hop onto the bandwagon too if you haven’t already!

So read on to learn more.

What Is a Mechanical Keyboard?

Most keyboards can be categorized into two main categories – mechanical and membrane keyboards.

Mechanical keyboards are commonly composed of plastic-spring-loaded key switches under each distinct keycap that connects the electrical contacts. Think of the sturdy keyboards from the early generation of computers.

Membrane keyboards, on the other hand, are more like pressure pads that rely on pressure on the top layer to connect with the circuit at the bottom layer to register a keypress. These are mostly used in modern laptops.

Advantages Of a Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming

Professional and hardcore gamers are increasingly opting for mechanical keyboards over their default keyboards for the simple reason that it offers many features that aid them in the gaming process. Here are just a few of the many advantages that it offers for gaming:

Speed & Precision

When it comes to speed, mechanical keyboards are second to none. They have a lower input lag compared to membrane keyboards. This means that a mechanical keyboard registers your stroke faster than a membrane keyboard. During a game, this faster reaction time really helps give you an edge over the competition.

When it comes to precision, membrane keyboards are not ideal, because they register keystrokes super easily. Requiring only very little pressure to push them down, you might “accidentally” register keystrokes as your fingers are flying across the keyboard during an intense game.

As gamers, we know that unintended clicks can result in significant mistakes in gameplay, and this should be avoided at all costs.

In this aspect, mechanical keyboards are better because you will need to press each key at least halfway through for it to register, reducing the chances of unintentional keystrokes.

Tactile & Audible Feedback

Mechanical keyboards offer superior tactile (push back) and audible feedback (click sounds) due to their high keycaps, and connection between the metal switches underneath.

This feedback apart from being essential in allowing the user to know exactly when each keystroke is registered, also provides a pleasant sensory experience. Not convinced? Simply google ASMR mechanical keyboard for a whole range of sensory videos to see what we mean.

Membrane keyboards provide no sound or tactile feedback as you are merely pressing down a keypad to connect with another flat circuit surface. And as such, may result in some ambiguity in whether a keystroke has actually been registered or not.


Ever find yourself pounding away at your keyboard during an intense gaming session? That rapid force can easily wear out a typical membrane keyboard that is not meant for such intense usage.

Luckily, mechanical keyboards (and their corresponding WASD keys) are made to withstand this type of abuse with their quality keycaps and steel body.

In terms of lifespan, mechanical keyboards tend to last approximately from 20 – 100 million key presses compared to a mere 5 – 10 million for their membrane counterparts.

N-Key Rollover (NKRO)

N-Key Rollover is when the user presses any number of keys at the same time and the keyboard can register them accurately and in the right sequence.

Mechanical keyboards can offer this special feature as each keycap is independent of the other. Membrane keyboards however can offer up to a maximum of 6 concurrent presses.

In games where you need to press and release multiple keys in quick successions, this is particularly useful to ensure that not a single command is missed. 

Modular and Customizable

Compared to a membrane keyboard that comes in one full piece, mechanical keyboards tend to be modular, meaning you can easily swap out elements of the keyboard like your keycaps to the mechanical switches.

Have a damaged keycap or switch? Want to switch up the aesthetics of your keyboard every once in a while? Want to include some funky keycap design?

With a mechanical keyboard, that’s as easy as simply popping off each keycap or switch and replacing them with the new one.

Keyboard Backlighting

While not limited necessarily to mechanical keyboards, futuristic keyboard backlighting (single or multi-coloured RGB) is mostly found in gaming keyboards compared to normal keyboards.

Gaming mechanical keyboards with the keyboard backlighting feature, offer an immersive gaming experience when playing in low light environments, particularly for horror or action games.

Some keyboards even provide lighting effects, customizable lighting to highlight certain important keys depending on the game, or even syncing lighting across your peripherals for that fully customizable experience.


Gaming mechanical keyboards marry the best of what mechanical keyboards have to offer together with gaming considerations to ensure that gamers will be able to use the keyboard for longer with minimal effort and strain.

From easier to register keycaps that make bottoming out keys unnecessary, to customizable keycap and switches options to suit each individual’s typing habits, mechanical keyboards are better in terms of reducing stress on both your fingers and wrists.

Get A Mechanical Keyboard for Your Gaming Needs Today!

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