Wall Chargers: 5 Types for All Your Electronic Gadgets.

 Wall Charger Macbook and iPhone

Have too many electronic gadgets and not enough wall chargers to keep them all juiced up? While that’s definitely a first-world problem, it is also one that is easily solved – just get more chargers or more efficient chargers!

Wall chargers like many electronic gadgets come in all shapes and sizes, so here’s a quick guide of the 5 common types that you will likely come across. And that’s not all – our team at AUKEY also includes our top picks for each category.

Let’s break it down!


5 Types of Wall Chargers + Bonus!


Travel Chargers

Planning to make full use of the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTLs) for quarantine-free travel? Don’t forget to bring along a travel charger that is compatible with the country that you are travelling to!

Tired of getting separate adaptors for different countries? Get the AUKEY all in one PA-TA01 Universal Travel Charger that is compatible with power ports in more than 150 countries and never have to fuss over your charger of choice for your next trip!

And that’s not all, it comes with not 1 but 2 USB-A ports and 1 USB-C port to charge up your phones and cameras all at the same time!


Dual-Port Chargers

Ever find yourself needing to charge more than 1 device but only had access to one powerpoint? Well, dual-port chargers are the answer.

AUKEY’s PA-F3S Dual USB-C & USB-A Wall Charger comes equipped with a 20 W Power Delivery 3.0 Port for USB-C devices and a 12 W alternative for USB-A devices.

With broad compatibility across device types (from phones, tablets to smartwatches, and more), this is the ideal wall charger to have at home to avoid those fights over the next available powerpoint.


Compact & Portable Chargers

Chargers these days tend to come in bulkier frames to accommodate more features and ports. But what if all you need is something small and compact that you can slip into your work bag as a backup plan?

Then what you need is the AUKEY PA-Y25 20W USB C Compact Wall Charger, a sleek and mini portable charger that takes up minimal footprint and yet still delivers up to 20W Power Delivery for USB devices.


Fast Charging Chargers

If you are a last-minute charger or someone who drains your device battery super quickly then this is the type of wall charger you need – a super-fast charger.

Introducing the AUKEY PA-R1A Minima PD 25W Nano Wall Charger, one of the fastest wall chargers we have – being able to charge an iPhone 12 from 0% to 59% in just under 30 minutes.


Multi-Device Chargers

This category is for the serious multi-device owner. Need a charger that is strong enough to power your laptop, phones, tablets, cameras, speakers and more simultaneously?

Then only a multiple device charger will do it for you. And that’s AUKEY’s PA-Y23 5-Port Universal Charging Port Station for you.


BONUS: Wireless Chargers

Not a fan of traditional wall chargers? Check out the latest tech in charging – AUKEY’s LC-Q6 10W Fast Wireless Charger (that works with all Qi-enabled devices), a design award-winning wireless charger that lets you charge your devices sans all the charging cable mess.