5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Gaming Chair

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You don’t necessarily have to be a hardcore gamer to want to invest in a gaming chair. Let’s face it– ergonomic features (i.e. designed for comfort and working efficiency) and other functionalities aside, a gaming chair looks pretty cool on its own. 

Apart from its snug physical support and wicked designs (that’ll be sure to add an edge to your room), gaming chairs are well-known to burn a hole in your wallet. Naturally, you’ll want to choose wisely when making your purchase. Before cashing in on the newest addition to your furniture collection, here are four pointers that could aid in your selection of the perfect gaming chair. 

Will It Suit Your Body Type?

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Everybody is built differently. Overlooking sizing elements in a gaming chair could bring about undesirable consequences for both you and your bank account. Of course, it definitely helps to find a gaming chair that is height adjustable. 

Whether you’re taller and larger than average, or slimmer and smaller sized, do refer to the product’s height and weight features before adding to cart. 

What Adjustments Does It Offer? 

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In getting a good gaming chair, you’ll have to consider what adjustment features are a must-have for you. Is it acceptable if the chair is only able to recline to a certain extent? Can the tilt of the chair be locked at a desirable angle? It might also be helpful if the armrests can be adjusted. And if you're sharing the chair with a family member– can you modify the height for different users?  

Ultimately, being able to customise your chair will go a long way in providing an enjoyable and relaxing gaming experience. 

Comfort, Design or Both?

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Some people are willing to overlook their budget for a trendy design. While it’s true that an expensive design could add to the intense gaming atmosphere, it’s also true that the price tag goes a lot higher as a result. If you really think about it, office chairs provide just about the same level of ergonomics and are a lot cheaper because they don’t have to account for a cool design. 

Don’t be fooled by big brands into thinking that you’re spending more for more. You really don’t have to break the bank. A decent gaming chair that comes with a reasonable price tag could still offer you both the chic design and quality comfort you crave. 

How Good is the Lumbar Support?

gaming chair lumbar support

When you’re sitting down for long hours at a time, your back needs to be firmly supported. Different gaming chairs offer different kinds of lumbar support, from freely adjustable pillows to built-in ones. Of course, it’s also a plus when there’s a comfortable headrest to lay back on. 

GC-A02 Ergonomic Gaming Office Computer PU Leather Chair with Adjustable Swivel Recliner and Armrest

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Here at AUKEY, we’ve carefully designed a sleek gaming chair made of durable PU leather and certified racing casters that can be assembled in mere minutes! The chair also covers numerous areas of ergonomic-related concerns. Key features include adjustable armrests, a highly flexible recline that can be locked, a removable headrest, and additional support pillows, among other highlights. 

And good news is… it’s currently on sale

Get a Gaming Chair You Won’t Regret

When it comes to buying a suitable gaming chair, don’t compromise or purchase on impulse. Make your pennies count! Weigh out the pros and cons and think it through carefully before finally coming to a decision. You can also visit this page for more gaming accessories, from gaming headsets and keyboards to mousepads and webcams.  

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