Pink Mechanical Keyboard: 5 Reasons You Should Get One!

Pink Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are all the rage these days, with gamers, computer and typing enthusiasts, and even social media influencers chasing the ASMR trend making the switch from normal “default” keyboards. We at AUKEY have too, jumped onto the bandwagon with a unique pink mechanical keyboard.

But before we jump the gun, some of you may be wondering, “What exactly is a mechanical keyboard?”.

For the uninitiated, here’s a quick breakdown of how they differ from the typical membrane keyboards that you are used to:

Typical Membrane Keyboard

Mechanical Keyboard

  • The keys are connected to a circuit board below when we press them registering the press of the key
  • There is no feedback while typing
  • Is either “on” or “off”
  • Quiet to type
  • Usually made of cheap materials
  • The keys have “switches” underneath them with several parts to it – a stem, metal contact points, and a spring
  • Provides feedback due to the spring
  • Can register the half-press of a key at mid-point – no need to press all the way down.
  • Comes with clicky sounds
  • Usually made with higher-quality switches that are more durable
  • Able to replace individual keys (if one stops working)


Now that you have learnt the difference between a mechanical keyboard and the typical keyboard that you are familiar with, you must be wondering what the fuss is all about.

Without further ado, let us introduce the AUKEY KM-G15 Pink Mechanical Blue Switch Gaming Keyboard and all of the benefits that it brings about.


Aesthetic Pink Design

First and foremost, the pink design is one of the biggest appeals of this keyboard. The stunning baby pink keyboard is perfect for any girlie girl (or boy) at heart who is pursuing the dreamy Instagram or Pinterest aesthetic for their work or study from home set up.

Pink keyboards, much less pink mechanical keyboards, are far and few in the market, much less one with so many exciting features. A great reason to snap it up before it’s all sold out.


Great For a Gaming Setup

Want a gaming keyboard that’s not always in your boring black colour? This is perfect for your needs.

Beyond the KM-G15’s pink façade, lies an array of vibrant customizable lighting effects – choose from up to 8 colour options, 18 pre-set effects, or choose to customize one yourself (changing its direction and speed).

Not only does it look super cool, but it also adds to the ambiance when you’re gaming away late into the night.


Tactile Feedback & Satisfying Sounds

If you are a fan of ASMR channels, this keyboard will be a dream come true for you. Featuring AUKEY Blue Switches, the keyboard gives not only amazing tactile feedback but also clearly audible clicking sounds for ultimate ASMR satisfaction.


Better Precision, Accuracy, and Speed

While it looks pretty, the AUKEY KM-G15 is also the perfect workhorse for productivity. The mechanical nature of the switches allows you to register the type of a key even by half-pressing, allowing you to speed up your typing now that you don’t have to forcefully bottom out the keys.

Not only that, the tactile feedback and sound help you register quickly if your strokes are registering, allowing you to be more precise and accurate with your typing.


Good Ergonomics

The AUKEY KM-G15 like most mechanical keyboards comes with rounded keycaps which allows your fingers to rest comfortably while typing.

Additionally, the easier to register mechanical keys also helps to reduce the effort in typing and hence help reduce strain and risk of carpal tunnel syndrome for people who use their keyboards for prolonged periods.


Convinced by the benefits of a mechanical keyboard? Get yours today (and we’ll throw in an 18 month warranty)!