How to Build a 2-in-1 Home Theatre and Gaming Station With Just a Mini Projector


mini projector home theatre cover

All you need is one mini projector

Ever had childhood dreams of installing your own home theatre, building a man cave or designing a gaming room in your current or future house? Imagine having all your closest friends over for a fun evening of laughter, pizza and entertainment… Perhaps you shelved the idea away for a while now because of how costly it sounds. But hey, if you clicked on this article, chances are you still think it could happen– and we’re here to affirm that. 

With the help of a single mini projector, we have prepared some tips for you to create the cosiest home theatre/ lounge room/ gaming station (whatever you want it to be) today! And no, you don’t necessarily need a large basement or open space. 

1. Reduce Ambient Lighting

 mini projector home theatre

Ambient lighting refers to any available light in your immediate surroundings. To ensure your movie screen or gaming display stays sharp and focused, it helps to remove all outdoor light like you would typically see in a cinema. Use a dark, matte shade of paint for your walls and shield the windows with opaque curtains to prevent sunlight from streaming through. Add dim-lighting using lamps or inexpensive LED lights to cast a warm glow instead. 

2. Sound Insulation 

mini projector home theatre sound insulation

Pick out an ideal, quiet space in your home. If you are thinking of installing your home theatre in a spare bedroom or living room, try to make your surroundings as soundproof as possible. Shut the windows, close the balcony, and layer your floor with carpets or rugs, as these soft surfaces help to absorb any reflected sound. Even gym mats help! 

One affordable way to insulate your walls would be to use foam boards, which can be cheaply purchased online. However, if you have a large bookcase or tall shelves sitting at home, these readily available pieces of furniture make surprisingly good insulators as well.

3. Decorate Simply

mini projector home theatre decor

Your home theatre is meant to be a place for relaxation. Avoid clutter and keep the space clean and minimalistic. Feel free to install a mini fridge to store chilled drinks or a shelf that doubles as a snack bar. You can also hang some of your favourite movie and game posters on the wall for aesthetic purposes. Use a comfy sofa and lay out some bean bags on the floor for when you have guests over.

4. Get a High Quality, Multi-Purpose Mini Projector

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Finally, invest in a good mini projector that can screen both movies and video games in high definition. With the RD-860 Version 2 Wireless Wi-Fi Mini Projector with 1080p Resolution, screen shows with audio from Netflix and Disney Plus anywhere at any time from your iOS, Android or Wi-Fi direct broadcast device. Its seamless wireless connection ensures that you will be able to stream your programme both quickly and reliably. 

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AUKEY's portable mini projector offers up to 120’’ image size with a projection distance of two to three metres. Project your movies or games directly onto an empty wall or a drop-down projection screen, if you have one. It also has a flexible set-up with ±15° Keystone Correction, centering images even from uneven surfaces. That means you can bring it along with you even on camping trips! 

(Do note that only Samsung phones are able to cast Netflix and Disney Plus. However, you can still stream these platforms from your laptop via HDMI connection.)

It’s amazing what a mini projector and a carefully curated home setting can do for you. 

The AUKEY mini projector is now on SALE at $169! Fulfil your home theatre dreams and get designing today, so you can impress family and friends when you invite them over for a night of movie and games.