3 Different Ways to Set Up Your Wireless AUKEY Mini Projector

 Wireless Mini Projector

Using a mini projector for the first time? Here’s an easy-to-follow guide to help you through the few simple steps to setting up your wireless AUKEY RD-860 mini projector so you can start using it for all sorts of creative purposes at home or on the go!

To connect via iOS Cast or Miracast

Want to enjoy your movies, games, or videos directly from your mobile device without the hassle of connecting via cables? Now you can, with AirPlay for Apple devices and Miracast for Android phones!


  1. Once you turned on the projector, simply navigate via the provided remote control for the projector to select 'iOS Cast' or 'Miracast'.
  2. On your device, select 'AirPlay' (Apple) or 'SmartView' (Samsung) and pair it with the projector to start casting your content!

Note: Only Samsung phones can cast Netflix. Other smartphone models are unable to utilize the casting feature for Disney+ or Netflix (see next method below!)

To connect via HDMI

Planning to enjoy the latest movie marathon on Disney+ or Netflix? You’ll need your laptop, and an HDMI cable (that comes with the projector) to get started.


  1. Simply connect the HDMI cable from your laptop to the connector on the side of the projector.
  2. Once connected, use the provided remote control for the projector to select 'Source' and select the appropriate connection 'HDMI', and the laptop display should be projected.

To connect via thumb drive or hard disk

Want a convenient way to quickly display your photos or videos directly from your thumb drive or hard disk without having to get your laptop out? Here’s a shortcut you’ll love!


  1. Connect your thumb drive or hard disk via the USB port on the side of the project.
  2. Once connected, use the provided remote control for the projector to select 'Media' and open your video or photo files, and it should be displayed automatically.

Tips To Setting Up Your Mini Projector for A Perfect Screening

Congratulations! You’ve now set up your mini projector for the first time successfully. But wait, if you want to maximize the experience of using this projector, then why not go the extra mile with some of these useful tips?

Choose A Suitable Location

While the AUKEY RD-860 does come with a higher than normal 5500 lux image brightness and 2000:1 contrast ratio which allow for usage in brighter environments, it’s always still better to choose a darker environment to better enjoy the full contrast and vibrancy of the display. 

Use A Screen

For the most ideal display, use a projector screen on the wall to provide a smooth blank surface that will not disrupt anything in the display.

As most projector screens come with a special coating that makes them super reflective, the displayed images on a screen will look much brighter as compared to those on even a plain white wall. 

Adjust, Adjust, Adjust

Want to ensure your display is perfectly rectangular and aligned to the backdrop so you can indulge in a completely immersive cinematic experience? Here are some things you can do to get it perfectly aligned in these circumstances:

  • The display is too small: Move the projector backward physically until the display fills up the screen or if there’s no more space to move backward, use the zoom function to zoom in to make it look larger.
  • The display is too big: Do the opposite as the steps recommended above
  • The display looks like a trapezoid instead of a rectangle: Adjust with the ±15° Keystone Correction function to centre and align the image.